Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August - A Month to Celebrate

A New Roof
The new boys dorm at the Lar Orphanage has had the roof installed and the boys will be able to move in the near future!

How do you clean a book?
Very carefully! Many volunteers helped to clean over 3000 donated books at the Vila Andrade library. It should be 'open for business' very soon!

Grand Opening!
The Telecentro was officially inaugurated on August 22 with officials from the Mayor's office of São Paulo, church members, and people from the community. The kids received T-shirts advertising that their neighborhood has a "Telecentro".

Social Project Fair
The Morumbi Baptist Church held a Social Fair one Sunday to showcase the many social project ministries it is involved in, and to recruit new volunteers to help out. Below are teachers from the Compassion project (where I teach English) and ladies craft group at Vila Andrade.

A Birthday and a Wedding
My birthday was celebrated with my students at the Lar, who were very excited to surprise me and decorate my room and one of the students moms' even made me a cake.

My brother and his bride Lydia on their wedding day, 8.8.08 (yes - they were one of 'those' weddings!).