Friday, December 19, 2008

December Celebrations

'Tis the Season . . . to say 'tis!
It's celebration time! Many festivities were held this December to celebrate our Lord's birth. From church programs to Ladies' Tea, from children's parties to ice cream parlors, I made the rounds to a number of events this month. I must say I am a little tired, but I am headed to the great white north of Minnesota for a little R&R (and yikes - cold!). It will be a little adjustment to go from 90 degree weather to below zero, but I am excited to see family and friends. Below are pictures of the many activities this month.

Student Year-End shots

One of the many uses for toilet paper rolls . . . Nativity scenes

Celebrating the Anniversary of Projecto Semear and a Successful Year!

I Scream! You Scream! We all Scream for Ice Cream!

English Students decorating (and eating) sugar cookies

Lar Christmas Pageant

Time for Presents

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies! I baked over 400 sugar cookies for different events!

Morumbi Church presented 'The Miracle of Christmas'

PACA school presented "Meet me at the Manger"

Calvary Church Ladies Christmas Tea - Theme: Do you hear what I hear?
(I'm sitting next to a Brazilian missionary to S. Africa - it was nice to connect and share stories)

Calvary Church kids and singing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus

Teachers I work with (left - Lar Batista, right - Vila Andrade)

Updates at Vila Andrade
The elevator is being installed slowly, still needs electricity. And a generous donation brought a great kids library and activity center to the Community Center.

What is the biggest thing Brazilians celebrate - soccer!
The Sao Paulo team won a Championship recently, and I happened upon a store in a mall which sells their gear, and had a picture taken by a trophy from another tournament. That's probably the closest I will ever get to a soccer game!
The Real Reason to Celebrate - celebrating the birth of the one who was, who is and who is to come - the Hope for all nations - Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!
"All nations will be blessed through him, and they will call him blessed." Ps 72:17