Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 2009

Easter Celebrations

My students enjoyed searching for eggs, opening them with the story to see what was inside and learning how their object related to the Easter message, making crafts and eating sugar bunny and chick shaped sugar cookies!

Lar Batista

Vila Andrade
We don't have the space at Vila Andrade to hide the eggs, so I had the students select an egg after I told them the color in English.

New House at Lar Batista
The new home at the Lar has finally opened, which has a kitchen, dining area, family room and separate quarters for the boys and girls. The kids love their new 'home'!

Lar Field Trip to Pico Juruguá
With 90 students and 10 teachers, two buses left the Lar for the highest peak in São Paulo. Once we arrived, we got to hike some trails, then we took the bus to the top of the mountain, for a beautiful view of the city and visited with some curious monkeys. Finally, we climbed around 500 steps to the highest point where some radio towers are, to see even better. It was a little tiring, but well worth the effort!

Afterwards, we visited a small indigenous Indian community that live right outside the park of Jurugua. The children there are learning a little bit of Portuguese but mostly about their own tribe in two small classrooms. They sang and danced for us, and we also saw them making necklaces and bracelets out of beads. We were all tired by the end of day, but it was a fun and educational trip.

The Indian Village

American Visitors with One Challenge touring Vila Andrade
Pastor Marcelo shared how he got into his ministry to the poor community, and the work being done at Vila Andrade. The ladies enjoyed looking through and buying some of the craft items the women of the church make to sell.

Re-Connecting with an old friend
My friend Clayton met me at Calvary along with his girlfriend Luciane, and we had lunch afterwards and caught up on the last seven years. We were actually able to have a conversation with each other this time, as earlier he didn't know English and I didn't know Portuguese! He is teaching music to children in a poor community near Restoration Ministries.

Fun at the Beach
One of my friends family has a home at the beach. It was nice to get out of the city for a break! Do you like our "Jesus' Angels" pose?