Monday, March 24, 2008

"Marching" On

Improvements Continue at Vila Andrade
The upstairs area of the Vila Andrade church is nearing completion. The computer lab is set up and classes are being held there. The library room has shelves and books, though help is needed in getting it in order. The Pastor and staff have new offices and there is additional classroom space, along with new bathrooms. The improvements are making a positive impact here. I am starting English class at this site for some girls who attend the church, as well as two classes at the Compassion sponsored project.

Easter at the Lar
The story of Easter was presented to my English classes using the 'Resurrection Eggs' . The students were eager to find and open the eggs, make a craft and decorate cookies (something they don't do here in Brazil!) for an Easter 'Festa'. And they learned to say 'Jesus lives' and 'Happy Easter' in English as well!

Easter in Brazil
Easter seemed to be a less celebrated holiday than others celebrated here; many Brazilians consider Good Friday a somber day, but Easter Sunday I didn't see much celebration. The big Easter item that is found in stores is the giant chocolate Easter egg. Inside these eggs you can find more chocolate treats or toys.

I was blessed to celebrate Easter at a wonderful service at Calvary International church with friends!