Thursday, June 26, 2008


Exodus of Americans
June, I’ve found out, is the month when many Americans leave Brazil for vacation. I am one of the few WorldVenture persons left here at the moment! In addition to vacations, a number of families from the international church I attend have also left for new ventures elsewhere in the world. A special send-off service was held where each family shared about where they were going, what they would miss about Brazil, and prayer requests. Families were going to Dubai, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, and the US. One of those families leaving were my good friends the Riley’s, who have returned to Minnesota after spending four years in Brazil teaching at PACA.

Thanks to generous contributions, the Telecentro has been able to have an antenna, cable and other items installed to bring the internet into the community center. It is now operational – praise the Lord! The library has also been able to have software installed and a person has been contracted to enter the book information in to the database and organize the library.

Activities at Vila Andrade
Two used computers have been set up for the kids and they are enjoying learning how to use the computer and playing games.

Break dance classes have been started by some local youth.


English Class

Some of my English students have been learning about favorite things, and got to share in class about their favorite things (in English of course!)

Douglas (11)
Favorite color is green
Favorite food is hamburgers
Favorite subject is English

Fernanda (10)
Favorite color is pink
Favorite food is pizza
Favorite subject is English

Lar Batista
The children recently put on a program for their mom’s, and they continue to be busy with various activities until July, when, even though school takes a short break, the students continue to come for a more ‘relaxed’ program. They also received a donation of clothes, new tennis shoes with wheels, and jump ropes, which they enjoyed looking through and picking out new things for themselves.

Festa Junina
June is ‘Festa Junina’ time in Brazil, and many schools had events celebrating the festival, which is for St. John. The school by my apartment had their celebration last Saturday, so I went down to have a look, as it was difficult to ignore the music playing all day! Below is a picture of the one of the dances the children performed. The "quadrilha" features couple formations around a mock wedding whose bride and groom are the central attraction of the dancing. The men dress up as farm boys with suspenders and large straw hats and women wear pigtails, freckles, painted gap teeth and red-checkered dresses, all in a tribute to the origins of Brazilian country music, and of those who immigrated from the countryside to cities.