Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 2011

June brings the wrap-up of first semester classes, with a short ‘winter’ break to come during July.  My students and I have been busy getting all the class work done before the break. 

At Vila Andrade, the Project moved up to the big Morumbi church and I subsequently have not been able to give classes to the groups I was before as there is no private space. I do not know if this will change or not later in the year. My English classroom actually stayed in the old building, so I am giving classes just to some older students and some of the kids from the Vila Andrade church.  The numbers are smaller, but I have good students here with a desire to learn!

P1090923 making funny creatures while learning parts of the body

The first cycle of the Coca Cola job training program was successfully completed with a graduation ceremony; now praying many of these students will be able to find their first job because of this special training – time will tell! 

colotivo 1st grad

At the Lar Project, we had a youth group visit from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they gave a special evangelism program, then came to my English classroom to interact with my students, who were begging to visit with them! My students sang the ‘ABC’ and ‘Hallelu’ songs and the older students recited the Lord’s Prayer they had learned at Easter. It was a blessed time for all!





Morning students








American and Brazilian sisters!





Below, two of my afternoon students teaching the “Thumbs Up” song, which is a very silly song, and the Americans joined along!











Below, students in the younger classes learning about Animals:


















Computer learning reinforcement









The temperature in my classroom one day this month – there is no indoor heat!! brrr!

P1090842 I was asked to help some Brazilians producing an English Christian music CD with translation and pronunciation of English words, which was both fun and challenging! They will use this CD as an outreach tool once produced! Please pray that God will reach many here through this music.


P1090943 P1090878