Friday, March 25, 2011

2011: A new year of classes started

After a later start and some quick cleaning, organizing, and planning, classes have started at the Lar Project.  There are many more students who want English class, but I unfortunately can’t fit them all in.  I have extended class times to get more teaching in, and I am going to the younger students classrooms and doing a “mini-lesson” with those groups, as they seem to pick up the language quicker.  Now, when they see me in the hallways, I always get a “hello” and “what’s your name"?” from them, as that is the first thing they are learning.  I have three new groups of classes, and three continuing classes. 



P1090156 first homework sticker of the year!






The Lar received a donation of ‘Disney Learning English’ kits, which had puppets in them, and the students have really enjoyed using them to practice greetings in English.









Vila Andrade – Coletivo: a new project for young adults

P1090181I haven’t started English classes yet at Vila Andrade for a number of reasons, including the Compassion sponsorship is ending in July, the project is scheduled to move locations sometime soon,  the schedule has changed and my former older students only come one day a week (a day I am not there) just to name a few.  I have visited and tried to do some planning and organizing, and hopefully can start classes in full swing in the next week or so.

The one positive event happening at Vila Andrade now is a new project sponsored by Coca Cola. It is a job training program for young adults, and the students attend a merchandising course for two months, then put together a resume to help them find their first job with one of Coca Cola’s local merchandising partners here in Sao Paulo.  One room at the Vila Andrade project was renovated by Coca Cola and it is quite the cool room, with a graffiti drawing, and artwork using recycled Coca Cola bottles and caps.  The first session is already running at full capacity of over 100 students. There will be three more sessions this calendar year.  This project will have a very positive impact on the young adults in the favela of Vila Andrade. 



P1090171 recycled artwork below



floor inlay with bottle caps, and a curtain made with bottoms of bottles


P1090187 a light made with glass Coke bottles


Of course the ‘other’ big news of the month here in Brazil was the visit of the US President.  A number of people were very excited to say to me, “your President is coming” - “I know!”  The red carpet and security was enormous, as was the TV coverage, more than I have seen for any other visiting dignitary here!  Below is a snapshot I took of my TV set with a promo about the visit!