Friday, November 28, 2008


Busy Hands
This month in Vila Andrade I taught the kids a different Christmas craft each week. It was fun to interact with all the students (not just my English students) and get to know them a little better. We made 'Hand' Wreaths, garland, stand-up stars, trees from magazines, and a Nativity Scene from toilet paper rolls. It was a little challenge finding craft items here, as I don't have the convenience of a local craft store, but we did alright!

Lots of painting has been going on at Vila Andrade as well. The art teacher painted Christmas scenes inside the Project building space, as well as a beautiful Nativity mural on the wall inside the church lot. The outside of the church building has been painted once again, and I think its the best color yet.

Going up!
An elevator is being installed in the church building, to help people access the upstairs Telecentro, Vilabyte and Library space. A handicap ramp is also being built.

It's a Wrap
I ended my English classes at the Lar this month, and we had a special day of reading the Christmas story, doing a Christmas activity sheet and making a Christmas craft. Now it's time to get ready for next year!

Student Elections
The Lar is having the equivalent of 'Student Body' elections - the older students have created 'parties' with logos and campaign signs, each representing something different. They held debates with each other, and topics ranged from having dessert on Mondays, to new DVD's and sports equipment, to wearing special Lar uniforms and having clean bathrooms with toilet paper all the time. The students will be voting soon for their choice!