Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A Taste of Minnesota
My fellow-missionaries the Kregness’s and I were blessed to have visitors from Minnesota this month – Dave and Carol Wilson came for a visit, and they were able to see each of my ministry sites and have lunch in my apartment (yes, I actually cooked Brazilian food!). Additionally, Dave spent time preaching and speaking at a few churches and seminaries here. They were impressed with how things had changed at Vila Andrade, and for those of you in Minneapolis, I’m sure they will be happy to share more about their trip here. It was so good to see them and get a boost of encouragement from my mentors who helped get me to this mission field.

The new directors are the Lar Orphanage have made a lot of positive changes, and there is also a new psychologist who speaks English, which as been a huge (relief!) and blessing to me. The directors have even asked me for private English classes, which we have started. Below are some of my students, a class watching an English video, and photos of some beautiful ballerinas in their ballet class.

September Birthdays
Baby Jasmine celebrated her first birthday at the Lar, complete with the chicken pox! I gave her one of the stuffed animals I received from FBC Guild which she liked very much. My friend Camila (from the Vila Andrade church) and I celebrated her 13th birthday with a trip to the mall where I treated her to lunch and a manicure. We had a fun day!

. . . and the most important September birthday - my dad - Happy Birthday Dad!! I Love You!