Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

We are heading in to the last stretch of the school year, and it is showing in my classes. Students are getting tired, forgetting their homework assignments, and complaining a lot, so it has been somewhat of a challenge to keep them motivated to ‘finish strong’! I am trying to change up their routines a little bit to keep it interesting.  All year we have been practicing spelling words in English, and I plan to have a Spelling Bee in English in December.  The students are already nervous about this, but I think they will do pretty good!

P1100571Above, playing a Matching game. Below, doing worksheets about Odd-Even numbers.

P1100659 P1100660 Computer reinforcement: making funny creatures


In the younger class I go to at the Lar, we did a ‘search the room’ looking for objects they were learning about – the kids loved using the big glasses to find things!










At Vila Andrade, I didn’t have my classroom for over a month, as it was being painted (without notice).  We made due with some space upstairs, but the students and I are happy to have ‘our’ classroom back. 


I was able to participate in two retreats this month, an ‘Encounter with God’ retreat which was very meaningful, and I was doubly-blessed as it was in Portuguese, and I was able to understand the majority of it.  The second retreat was with the South Brazil WorldVenture team, and we had an enjoyable weekend at Camp California fellowshipping, praying, and talking about missions here in Brazil.