Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 2009

June has been a month of fun and travel. At Vila Andrade, we took the students to the Zoo, which was enjoyed by all. At the Lar, we ended our second semester with a Reward day, and the students were excited to pick out their prize for completing their homework and adhering to the rules. During a holiday weekend here in Brazil (there are many holidays!) I traveled with a good friend of mine to the city of Curitiba, which is quite different than Sao Paulo. We also took a train ride through the mountains and a ferry to an island off the coast. At the end of the month, I made an unexpected trip back to the States to handle my house sale, and praise the Lord, it is now sold!

Vila Andrade Zoo trip

Lar Reward Day

Trip to Curitiba

Curitiba is a unique city in Brazil, known for its urban planning, good transit system, and has the most green space of any city in the country. It was very clean and the air fresh. The train ride took us through the 'Serra do Mar', the mountain range of the sea, and to a Portuguese colonial town of Morretes. The Ilha do Mel is named for the color of the surrounding water, said to be the color of honey. The trip was an enjoyable cultural learning experience.

Botanical garden

Opera house and 'The Eye' - an Oscar Niemeyer sculpture (he designed the captital city of Brasilia)

Ilha do Mel (Island of Honey) Unfortunately cold and rainy this day.

Train ride through the Serra do Mar

In the towns of Paranagua and Morretes

Sites in Curitiba and the art fair

Saturday, June 6, 2009