Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Lar Projects
The Lar orphanage is in the process of building new homes on site for the boys and girls. The roof needs to be installed on the boys home in order for them to move in. Below is a picture of a current dorm room and the new house.

Here is Tiago smiling in front of the new tiles for the roof; wood is needed to finish the roof. Brothers at the Lar.

Vila Andrade
The children's project received new tables for the lunchroom and the kids love them!

Rehal (from USA) working on the library books.

Mothers's Day
The children from the Compassion project and the church children from Vila Andrade all prepared songs to be presented to their mom's on Mother's Day. Some of the mom's also sang during the evening service, and prayer was given for each of them and their children. Below kids are learning their song with "Reggie the Clown" and giving their presentations.

Music Program
Another project run out of the Morumbi church is music. Children from three different locations come and are given free instrumental and choir lessons. They recently presented a recital.

English Classses
My students continue to plug away at English. Recently I had a day of "stations" at the Lar, where the students moved from one activity to another during the class period. They listened to a book on CD, read to me, looked up words in the dictionary, and did phonics sheets. They had fun! I also have a brilliant new seven-year old student named Jennifer (below left) who is a joy to have in class (and she can barely reach the top of the desks!)

Students at Vila Andrade

Girls will be Girls
New friends Juliana and Rehal at my apartment on one of the Brazilian holidays, and Rehal and I in front of a Barbie (yes, Barbie!) display at one of the malls.

Passion World Tour
Brazilians love to have a good time, and having a good time praising Jesus is even better. Here are some pictures from the Passion World Tour in São Paulo, with crazy, loud Brazilians!