Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A busy May

The month of May brought Mother’s Day gift-making, a Family Fun day and Cultural week at the Lar, and many more activities in English class time.

My students decorated cards and made potpourri sachets for their mom’s for Mother’s day, which had my room smelling lovely. 

P1090606  P1090610 P1090603 P1090671

P1090617 P1090619 P1090640P1090642 

Gift making at Vila Andrade


P1090638 P1090637

Cultural Week

The Lar Project had a Cultural week, which involved learning music and dances specific or imported to Brazil, such as Samba, Axe’, Hip Hop, Reggae and Capoiera. Each of the classes then presented on the dance they learned about.  

P1090602  Reggae


P1090565 Samba




This boy is partially blind, but he learned to count the steps and did a Samba routine duet; he and his partner got a standing ovation! It was so sweet! P1090590 

Learning with puzzles, games and puppets

When we finish the ‘hard learning’ my students get a break for learning with puzzles and games and other fun activities in my classrooms.

P1090549 P1090615







 P1090683 P1090686

Learning with puppets









Vila Andrade students playing a game learning Shapes.

P1090675 P1090677

Student Life

P1090699P1090696 P1090626

One of my dear, sweet students moved away, which was very sad. I gave her one of the Disney English learning kits I had received as a going-away present! She will be missed!


Local college students visit

I had two local college students who speak English come one afternoon to the Lar for a volunteer day and they participated in one of the younger classes where I give an English class, and spoke to some of my other students about the importance of learning English. 









P1090800 P1090801







Lar Family Fun Day!

This year rather than having a separate event for mom’s, the directors and staff at the Lar decided to have a family fun day, with activities for everyone. In the morning, the classes presented the dances they had learned during the Cultural week, and my English students were the grand finale, singing two songs in English – the ABC rockin’ tune and Hallelu! After lunch, there were a number of activities to choose from. Family portraits were taken, the kids had play activities, the dad’s and son’s played soccer games, free haircuts were offered, and jewelry and craft making were available for the mom’s.  With cotton candy, popcorn and face painting to boot, the day was a huge success!

P1090700 My English students singing







P1090711 P1090723




face (or arm) painting





P1090728 P1090729

P1090735 Family portrait studio



the mechanical bull ride (and I liked this guy’s hat!)





Two of my students getting free haircuts







making crafts with recycled products








dad’s and son’s soccer games and fitness class for mom’s and daughters







Some of my students and their families





P1090755The Reggae sisters had fun!