Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February - Slowly getting back into the routine

February marks the end of the holiday's and start up of new activities for the year. Schools are back in session, and both Projects ran light schedules as the kids came trickling back in. I spent time doing lesson planning, cleaning and organizing rooms, and review lessons with the few kids that I had classes with. I had a little test and game to review the days and months, then I prepared calendars (in English) for them to color which had the 10 Commandments plus two from Luke 10:27. I have a Portuguese-English Bible, so I had the students read the verses in the Bible, and explained the meaning of each commandment as we went through the calendar. Some of my students didn't know a lot about the commandments, but I had boy at the Lar who knew them plus quoted Luke by heart - which was encouraging! They were excited to take their calendars home and put them up.

LAR Project

Vila Andrade

VBS Wrap-up Presentation
While we finished the lessons for the Cosmic City VBS in January, the kids spent the next two weeks practicing the songs and creating murals to make a presentation during the service on February 14. Groups of children spoke about what they learned each week as well as said the memory verses. I made a Powerpoint presentation with pictures from the five weeks, which the kids (and adults) enjoyed seeing.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
The rain has lessened some, now it only rains every other day! I happened to catch a rainbow outside my window one afternoon - the first one I've seen in Brazil!