Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 2009 - Happy New Year!

The Land of Chattering Teeth
I was asked more than once why on earth I had decided to visit Minnesota in winter, especially this winter, what, with the endless days of -10, -20, -30 degrees? Well, I just wanted to see snow. Snow I did see, stacked high, blowing, in snowman form, with ice scrapers, and bundled objects running in and out of buildings to stay out of it – all foreign concepts to your average Brazilian, I might add! I endured the sub-zero temperatures because I was warmed by the company I visited during my visit home over the holidays.

Christmas with family
Below are pics from events with my family - Christmas in Albert Lea with mom, sisters, and nieces, and in the Twin Cities with brothers and sister-in-laws, Brett and Noel and family (boys sporting their new Brazil soccer shirts!) and Bart and Lydia, the newlyweds.

AWANA visit
How fun it was to visit First Baptist and see my friends at AWANA. I shared with them about what I was doing in Brazil and visited small groups to sign the 'missionary' page. The Sparkies and T&T'rs asked good questions and gave good answers on what it meant to be a missionary.

Other Fun Happenings on my whirlwind trip home . . .
Lunch with friends Nicole and Tonya with baby Sydney ~

Dinner with my goddaughter Madeline ~

Coffee with my niece Carli, the coffee Queen ~

Gymnastics meet with nieces Jordan and Jenna - yeah, medals! ~

Getting to know niece Emery Jane better, who was excited to open her chocolate surprise egg from Brazil with a toy inside!

Chuck E Cheese and story-time with niece and nephews Gabe, Anna, Ethan

And as fast as it came, it was over . . . .
Abby cat not wanting me to leave, again!

Last night in Minnesota sunset - good bye cold!